Baby Boomer Retirement by the Numbers

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An info graphic that is okay from the perspective of readers. The graphic allows the reader to get an idea of the product or the company. It is more of a curiosity generator graphic among the reader.


Looking at the design of the graphic we find it an easy, witty graphic which is targeting the age group of above 50 or people who are retiring. The design makes it even more likely for such readers to notice the graphic as there are no steps just the diagram which helps the reader through.


Words have less to do with this graphic. However, from a critical point of view, the graphic should inform the reader about the whole topic in a simple manner. The graphic fails to do so.


It is the dimensions which will make it a win-win graphic. The not so need of zooming the graphic has made it easy for the reader to digest the contents just by looking at it. The use of the space has been done properly by the creator.


The font has worked its way by giving a heading worth catching the attention and the grammar made it even more apparent for the reader to read it completely. Well, it is more of a diagram and not a wordy graphic. This will make it have an edge over other graphics.

Overall Analysis:

Easy to understand, unable to provide full information, more promoting and less informing this graphic is going to welcome traffic. However, it is only going to be a promotional graphic and will not provide much information about the company and its various other products. The reader is supposed to go to the website for more. But this is what the company wants! And hence, we can say that it is indeed a witty graphic.

not the round of golf you were expecting


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