How Pigs Helped Trump to Win the Trade War

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This is a very creative visual piece of content that has been given an appealing look. From the get-go, the color scheme used to make the borders and the animations of pig characters give it a playful look which increases the interest of the viewers.

It is not text-heavy. Each paragraph conveys a crisp message to the point without wasting much of the reader’s time. The chronology of events has also been arranged impeccably so as to provide a clear-cut view of all the events that have occurred from start to finish.

The graphical representation of data has also been done using a fresh perspective. The colors added along with the font clarity helps in understanding what the graph is trying to represent instantaneously.

The writing is objective and it makes blatant statements about incidents, however, to some it may seem like there could have been more elaboration of information. But for people who like to read nuggets, this infographic hits the mark.

The overall design is amusing to look at, it can be considered funny, even due to the topic it covers and the characters that have been chosen to mascot the issue. It is a rich piece of content visually and it is entertaining.

Anyone who reads this will deem it to be share-worthy simply due to its funky layout which easily creates curiosity after the very first look. An overall great looking infographic that has the potential to engage viewers and drive enough traffic. In all its playfulness, it does not look like content has just been thrown onto a template. There is actual work put into it and that is visible.

It surely calls out to a niche audience who are interested in the topic as well as will be impressed with the way it is presented. Mostly the youngsters are likely to lean towards information presented in this manner. The target audience is quite clear.

trump pig trade war infographic


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