Why you Should and Shouldn’t Invest in CPF

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The first thing that is most noticeable about this infographic is the dull colors that somehow make it boring to read. The title is huge enough, but if you are not familiar with the topic you would need to first check it out before continuing with the presentation. The first section is a Yes and No kind of quiz section and even though the key to help reading the flowchart is indicated right after the title, it is highly likely to miss it only to make sense of it when you are already struggling to decode the chart. Whereas the flow chart is supposed to easily guide you to the right section of whether to invest or not, the eyes still dance all over the chart hence that intended eye flow is not achieved.

The second section tackles what individuals who have qualified to invest from the first section can invest in. The colors are not any better on this section, but the table is a little more understandable. The table is well-organized and spaced making it very easy to read through the details so a decision on which investment plan to take can be made by the readers. The third section talks about how to apply to use the CPF savings. Whereas it is very brief and easy to go through, more details would have served better, especially for beginners getting familiar with the Central Provident Fund.

This infographic carries very important information but unfortunately, it is not carefully structured and detailed to make the topic easy to understand. Only a person familiar with the fund would find the presentation helpful and easy to understand. The space is however out to very good use and the fonts are big enough to make the reading blissful for all who come across the display.

graphic chart about CPF

Source: collinseow.com

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