The Four Stocks with the Best Performance

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The infographic presents the four stocks with the best performance among the top recommendations made by analyst researchers, as well as their returns from the date they were recommended until now.


At the top of the artwork, the reader can find a big title, with the word “STOCKS” being highlighted.

Next to the title, one can also see an eye-catching image of a bull attacking a bear. The bull symbolizes the bull market (the stock market that is on the rise), whereas the bear represents the bear market (the market where the stocks’ value is declining).

Two short paragraphs right below describe the topic that is introduced in more details.

Right below, one can see an investment-related quote from Warren Buffett, as well as his picture, while another quote is similarly included at the bottom of the artwork.

The list of the four stocks with the best performance is given in the next section. Each one is introduced by its stock symbol, brand name and logo, and they are separated from each other with a horizontal line.

Under each logo, the reader can see when the relevant recommendation was made. Right next, one can find the specific stock’s returns from the day they were recommended up to now. A short text further explains the rise of the stock’s value. 


All fonts are easy to read and the colors and spaces that are used throughout are friendly to the eye of the reader. The fact that every section is embellished with eye-catching images or logos and other elements related to the stock market further boosts the infographic’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The layout is straight-forward and the design is simple yet efficient. The infographic succeeds in making it easy for the reader to access the information that is presented.

infographic about the four stocks with the best performance


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