This is How Much a Personal Trainer Earns

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The following infographic describes the information about how much a personal trainer earns. The figure is detailed and contains everything one requires to know about the personal trainer in different types of gym and their rates for different sessions. It mainly consists of tables of a different number of rows and columns for different subtopics. The bold and colored format makes the headings stand out and easy to find. There are further pictures in it, placed near the parts of the infographic which seems suitable and which would enhance its overall quality. You won’t find any empty space in the figure, which means that they have efficiently placed all the information in a fitting manner, without making it look crammed. This definitely adds to the likeliness of people reading it to know more about the salary of a personal trainer.

It is appreciable how they have provided information about the topic and the facts around it, to make it more interesting. However, in my opinion, the other facts might have gone a little over the board. The vertical layout has made the tables look more structured and the background color contrasts well with the text color. The color scheme is eye-catching and certainly gives a refreshing vibe even if the topic in itself sounds some average topic. The details in the tables cover up almost all the cases, so you won’t have any confusion or questions unanswered. Moreover, besides providing the salary details, they have also explained how they vary in different types of gyms. This helps one not only about what type of gym, they would prefer but also about the personal trainer they can afford. Overall, the impressive color scheme, the contrasting yet fitting font colors, the images placed strategically in the areas make the entire layout stand out and interesting.

personal trainer salary infographic


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