This is How US Taxation Works

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The title

The title of this infographic is capturing. It makes it sound like something is not right with the taxation system or there are hidden things most people do not know and therefore any reader would be interested to find out more. It serves its purpose pretty well and the descriptive lines after it make the topic even more interesting considering tax refund is mentioned.

The subtitles are written on what appears to be ribbons and they create a fun feel around them besides making it easier for readers to tell one section to the next.

The colors

Blue is the dominant color in the display, but other vivid colors are also used in different sections to create an interesting feel and look to the infographic. Bright green, pink, yellow and orange, as well as blue, are selected for the percentage graphics included and they really do stand out.

The images

The images in this presentation are made up of a graph, bar charts, pie charts, country flags and tables. The mix makes the display attractive and they are relevant to what they present. These images are also well spaced so reading and understanding what they represent is quick and easy. The ‘tax deadlines’ section offers the fact on a vertical line and the most notable thing is that April is done in a different shade of blue and its dot on the line highlighted in yellow to make it stand out. Considering that it is the upcoming deadline, the uniqueness does work.

The fonts

They are all sizeable and very comfortable to read. The spacing throughout the presentation also offers comfortable easy reading, but lots of space does get wasted. The display would have been a little tighter to save space and probably make it shorter than it is but no harm done.

infograph about us taxes


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