US Homeownership Numbers: Why is It So Low?

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This infographic explains how the recent economic recovery has left a generation behind and how that has impacted that generation’s faith in our economic system. It is a very detailed stretch of a poster and explains things in quite some depth.

The color scheme used throughout the document is quite intriguing. A shade of green to go with all the dollar bills with a strange sky blue and some really light yellow in it.

The layout of the document is really detailed and long. Each section has got a good illustrated piece of data plots and graphs that explain the various figures and facts followed by a paragraph about it, explaining the pros and cons. This could have been improved as the illustration doesn’t help too well to convey the facts at one glance and the text takes too long to explain. This could throw off quick readers really quickly.

The design is pretty neat, although, the font size could have improved and important text could have been emphasized better. As of now, the text does follow a single flow and it is pretty hard to figure out the important parts of the document. This makes navigation quite hard.

The content is really long and unless the document intends to go on at this pace, it is too much for a quick infographic round up. So that is a bit of a bummer.

Overall, this is quite an Okay piece of work that extends out really long and does convey a good lot of information throughout. The design and text could have looked better by relative sizing techniques and the content could have used some emphasis here and there. The color was also quite well figured but that too could have used some embellishments. Although quick readers would not give in to this lot, it does do the trick.

homeownership rate infographic


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