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Being a report this graphic is but naturally going to be informative in its aspect. The report contains data that is collected and therefore should be represented in the most appealing form to the human eyes or it will soon be rejected. The review has been hence made keeping in view the content, font, design, and appeal.


The content is mostly used in the form of charts and tables. This is the most beautiful way of representing figures and depicting the places with the help of maps. Not only it simplifies the data but also enables each and every reader to decipher the digits and analyze the data on his/her own self. This makes the graphic a perfect one.


The heading used is okayish and capable of grabbing the attention of the readers. The font size makes it really very enabling to allow the readers to read it with ease without stressing one’s eyes very much. No need of zooming the text is felt as the fonts are proper and visible to the normal human eye with average vision.


The design is not so extraordinary and maybe that is what makes it extraordinary. The information has been well communicated by the creator. The simple and sober design is the USP of the graphic that makes it completely go for design in this case.


The graphic is appealing as the simplification of data and the relevance of the topic with the present world conditions are alike. Readers are bound to stop by reading the heading and definite to understand the figures for reading the charts and maps. More and more people are likely to drop by and read the graphic. This automatically increases the chance of the brand to grow.

inforgraphics about housing in toronto

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