Let’s Get Into Japanese Food for a Moment

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This is a rather long infographic that is nonetheless very interesting. There is this perfect balance between the texts and images and it is no doubt that any reader’s attention will be held to the very end. The fonts are large but simple to make reading easy and quick and the real images of the foods represented make the read even more appealing. The orange backdrop running through the entire display is very comfortable to the eyes and it makes it look appealing such that you feel like you are indeed inside a restaurant ready to order some of the noodles and other foods presented.

The structuring of the display is done so that the images and texts accompanying them alternately from left to right. It is an approach that creates balance and at the same time breaks monotony so reading remains interesting all through. The bowls containing the noodles in the first section seem to be resting on table mats which again make you feel like you are right at a table ready to enjoy the meal.

Also notable about the design of this infographic is how the sections are separated. The titles are clear to tell apart and the wavy horizontal borders that look just like noodles mark the end of a section or beginning of another. The titles are highlighted so it does not get confusing at all when reading the information regarding Japanese food. Some of the sections end with fun facts about the foods and eating habits all of which are create some sense of ease for the reader. They add to the interest of the entire presentation. By the end of the read, you are aware of what to expect in terms of noodles, snacks, sushi and desserts in Japan and what is expected of you as you eat!

japanese food

Source: wendywutours.co.uk

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