A Few Tips on How to Stop the Spread of Germs

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It is an infographic which is very well designed with minimum words yet saying thousands of words to stop the spread of germs. It is a very impressive design by the artist to grab the attraction of guest instantly.

Design: The design is quite outstanding which contains lots of words without mentioning in the page. A famous saying is very appropriate here is, an image is equal to a thousand words. Here, every single image is definitely communicating a lot.

Colors: The colors are very properly used in order to present the details in a proper manner. It is very helpful in highlighting the content and images to grab the visitor’s eye over it.With a proper color combination, it makes an impression of everything ordered and sorted.

Images: The images are very appropriately depicting the current condition of the world. Each image is very meaningful, therefore; it doesn’t require too much writing while describing it. Images are very easy to understand for the readers.

Content: As, content is very limited because images played their part very well. However, the content has been presented very attractively by using a good font style with a complementing font size as well.

Visibility: All text and images are very properly arranged and clearly visible. The intelligent designing and color combination are the major factors to enhance the visibility and make it easier for readers to go through the whole page at once.

Appeal: Overall, the images and content are very appealing because everything is going very appropriate in the current scenario of the world. Therefore, it attracts visitors to read the whole page and learn from it as well.

Overall Analysis: It is a very great piece of work where the images and data are arranged in a very well manner. This attracts a great number of readers as it is depicting the messages very well.

infographic on how to stop the germs

Source: https://www.creativesafetysupply.com/infographics/stop-the-spread-of-germs/

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