Causes of High D-dimer Levels

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The infographic aims at presenting some useful information and interesting statistics on D-dimer and the causes of its elevated levels.


The design is modern and simple. The artwork contains several images and other elements that make it appealing and add a fresh touch to it.


At the top, the reader can see the title that explains the subject. Right underneath, one can find a short paragraph that explains what a D-dimer is.

In the three different sections that follow, one can find information on when a D-dimer level is assessed, some interesting relevant statistics, and a list of the things that cause elevated D-dimer levels.

Each section has an eye-catching heading at the top, which helps the reader quickly understand what is about to follow.

The information included in the first one is introduced in the form of a numbered list. Each part of the list is presented inside a frame that also contains an eye-catching image.

The next section contains four statistics, and it is embellished with two relevant images.

The last section presents the causes of high D-dimer levels in the form of a list. Every cause is introduced with a subheading, a short description and a suitable image. All causes are separated from one another with the help of a horizontal line.


The straight-forward layout makes the infographic easy-to-read. Moreover, the images and elements that are used throughout make it friendly to the eye of the reader and add to the artwork’s readability.


The layout of the infographic allows for the reader to quickly and easily access the information that is presented. At the same time, its design encourages the reader to keep scrolling down.

infographic about the causes of high d-dimer levels


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