DIY Lice Removing? Read this first

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This is an infographic which has lots of cute pictures and minimal data and facts. The major colors used are red, blue and white with other colors used in between. The image deals with the subject of lice which is not generally ignored, but creates a lot of problems and that is why the image is published by a Clinique explaining the problem and the solution.

The overall feel after looking down the image comes out as it is presented for children. The bold colors and cute images create such a sense of inbuilt cuteness. The reader will definitely wait and read this infographic as the heading is quite big and catchy. It is short and colorful depicting the subject directly. On the left-hand side, a picture of small kid probably irritated with lice is put. This picture is the first thing which attracts the attention of the reader rather than heading or title.

The next thing which continues the subject is the cost incurred on the treatment of lice removal. The cute picture put into circles is visibly nice. The one circle leads to another with dotted lines. The off-white background highlights the pictures and data which is written in big letters attracting the focus of the reader. The blue strip explaining the total cost finally has a default tone of seriousness which will make the reader think about the issue in a real sense.

Finally, other costs are also presented in blue letters on white background. A picture of a girl with blue small pictures in a semicircular direction again highlights the issue. In the end, the use of red color and the solution presented in big letters in white and blue color with bold outlines is visibly clear. The name of the promoter is put on the top and bottom left.

lice infographic


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