We Need to Talk About Sex and Love

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Anything that touches on love is bound to be interesting, especially when it is packaged in an attractive manner. The beautiful packaging of this infographic arouses curiosity and interest even before really knowing what areas it will handle. The title is big enough and splashed in red so you can hardly miss it even if you receive the display in a small size. The subtitle offers clarity that the display will be tackling matters related to love including sex, health and romance, especially on Valentine’s Day. Being an adored event of the year, the presentation, without doubt, targets a very wide audience and serves their expectations.

The fonts

All fonts on the display are big enough to offer a simple and comfortable reading. The titles and subtitles are huge enough and in caps, so you can distinguish one section from another. The texts within the sections are smaller in size, but readers do not have to worry about eye strain as they too are soft and comfortable for reading. There seems to be a balance between the sizes and none ends up dominating the display too much.

The colors

This display has its main colors as blue, pink and red. They are all very soft tones that create an interesting and calming effect on the reader. They make the display very beautiful and because they are neither too bright nor too dull, they offer a very easy reading; you can read this presentation over and over again without losing interest thanks to the beautiful colors that complement the topic being handled. They are also mixed very well throughout the presentation, achieving a beautiful balance.

The sections

The presentation has a total of five sections, all titled appropriately. The love hearts on every section title add some fun and act as a reminder that it is all about love and Valentine’s day for that matter. The sections are:

  1. Bet you didn’t know – It offers interesting facts about Valentine’s day.
  2. The numbers – It offers most important statistics about the day, including numbers of conceptions, roses produced for the day and how much people spend on this day.
  3. That loving feeling – It is all about the commonly exchanged gifts on the day and the second part talks about most searched terms relating to the day both on the phone and desktop.
  4. Getting down and dirty – This is where all the sex facts are as far as search trends go, pregnancy tests and condom sales.
  5. Pressure to perform – This section is directed more to men considering it talks about erectile dysfunction.

The images

The infographic has very many images, but fortunately, they are properly sized and very relevant to what they represent. There is no single section that lacks images something that you would expect to make the display very busy but it doesn’t. They are balanced to fit into their sections and add interest as well. You can tell what most of the texts are about simply by looking at the images accompanying them.

valentines day infographic

Source: theindependentpharmacy.co.uk

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