Nursing Capstone: How Does it Work?

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The infographic is a subtle piece of work that has been laid out using a simple strategy and layout. There is a non-white background that gives the poster a material presence.

The content is sparse and it follows a list layout throughout the document such that all there is are lists and no real explanation or details to it. This might appeal to some users depending on how much of detail they expect to understand from this document.

The color schemes used are pretty straightforward. There is some mismatch between the main title, the subtitles and the backgrounds at some point but this doesn’t really interfere with the flow of the page all that much.

The design is minimalistic and the images and illustrations used follow a non-uniform design. There is an overall commotion of different styles that are from different spectrum ranges of illustration. This doesn’t look all that obvious at first glance, but it sure does reflect on the total ambience of the document. There are 2 dimensional art as well as clip-art. Although the illustrations could have been more enriching and providing for the reader, the titles at the top do well enough as everything is just a list that needs a title alone.

The layout and spacing are quite apt and don’t interfere with the reading. Everything is in place and rightly spaced. This layout does give due needed importance to each element in the document. Although it does look a bit cramped at some points, it’s hardly noticeable.

Overall, this is an okay piece of work thatprovides the basic information in quite an appealing fashion. The colors anddesign are somewhat non-uniform, but this only affects the overall ambience ofthe page as the appeal is maintained by the spacing and the illustration.

nursing capstone infographic


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