Spine Problems and Sleep Solutions

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This infographic aims at presenting the most common spine problems, and describing the ideal sleep solutions for spine relief. Its simple structure and visually consistent design allow for a quick and easy navigation throughout, and a good comprehension of the information provided.

At the top, one can find an eye-catching title with a subheading that emphasizes the importance of keeping the spine healthy. The images used here help one understand the subject that is presented in just a glance.

The following section, which indicates the importance of the position in which one sleeps and how this sleep position can affect the spine’s health, begins with a title in a contrasting color frame and includes large images of four different sleep positions. Under each image, the reader can find a small description that points out whether each sleep position is recommended for a healthy spine or not.

The third section, which is separated from the second one again with a title in a contrasting color frame, includes the names of the most common spine problems, as well as the relevant explanatory images. For each one of the presented spine problems, the reader can find at least one appropriate sleep position along with some specific brief instructions.

In the last section, which is once again clearly separated from the previous one, five general tips for a good night’s sleep are illustrated in a way that is friendly to the eye. Each tip is given in a short but comprehensive text and embellished with a to-the-point image that helps the reader easily get the idea with just a glimpse.

The fact that the use of text is as little as possible, combined with the careful placement of relevant explanatory pictures, makes the overall layout simple, yet efficient. In conclusion, this infographic is helpful and user-friendly, as it allows for the reader to quickly and easily understand the subject under discussion.

infographic about spine problems and the sleep solutions

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