Unexpected Risks of Vaping

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This Infographic debunks the myths of Vaping and tells the wide audience that E-cigarettes are actually a lot more dangerous than they seem. The information is portrayed in a very concise and clear manner along with illustrations that make it an interesting read.

It contains statistics and explains everything an E-cigarette would typically contain and this leads the reader to have a good understanding of why using these can be detrimental to a person’s health.

All such important information is color-coded appropriately and sends out the message in a manner that is easy to comprehend. Though it was a good layout overall, there might be too much information and sometimes people don’t read it in entirety and might miss out on important information that might be important.

There’s also a comparison between vaping and E-cigarettes which clearly shows their differences in many aspects such a cost and health hazards. There’s also a lot of emphasis on current issues which are highlighted well in this infographic.

Different formatting styles have been used throughout to portray the focus they’re putting on a particular point such as creative background highlights, font colors, and timelines.

Any piece of information that they put in is generally supported by a pictorial representation of the same either through a diagram or a statistical chart.

The appropriate use of graphs and pie charts simplifies the information and shows it in a comparative manner to the audience and makes it easy to understand. All the important issues pertaining to the subject topic have been addressed with clarity and focus has been placed on all important aspects that need to be read and acknowledged.

The content could be shortened so as to make it a much more wholesome and this would help to keep the attention throughout the infographic.

vaping risks infographic

Source: calculators.org

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