A Few Things You Should Know About Luxury Vinyl Floors

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The brown and gray tones used in this infographic, without doubt, give it a luxurious feel. Considering that the topic is about flooring tiles the colors selected work just as relevantly. The very first image accompanying the title is that of a living room and it goes to show that the tiles tackled are focusing on why they make best for homes.

This three-sectioned display carries all the information necessary even for a person who is new to luxury vinyl tiles. They are distinguishable by their headings that seem to be done on ribbons. The first section tells more about what they are, the second talks about how different from the standard ones and the last section is why they make better choices. All information is done in point form with each point accompanied by the relevant image and a few sentences to drive the message home.

The font style is quite appealing and the size is good enough to make reading easy. The font size also works for space the display occupies as everything seems to be very well balanced, even though a good amount of space goes unutilized.

A closer look at this infographic gives the feeling like it is done on a vinyl tile background. It seems as though the floor from the image at the very beginning spreads all the way to the end of the presentation. The borders make this evident and it is true to say that it makes presentation appear unique for those and interesting for those with a unique eye.

Every element used in the display at the end manages to attract and maintain attention. It is winning in delivering the important message on the tiles without becoming boring in any way.

vinyl floors graphic chart

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