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The moment the reader see this Infographic he or she will encounter a picture of purple cute heart, which exactly relates to your love for a pet. The bold black creative style title makes it very clear and tells the reader the objective i.e. what kind of pet door should pet owner buy and how. Just only seeing the title and the cartoon of Pug “the dog”, people would fall imaging their pet size and their face only to recollect themselves focusing again on the details.

Going further, it is divided into 4 sections with different subheadings like small, medium, large and very large. The font of the subheading is purple in color and has a soft style which overall gives the feeling of softness, likeness, love, and compassion for the pets. Each sub-heading contains 6 pictures of the pets and their name mentioned below the pictures. The dimensions of the door required for the pet or suggested according to the size of the pet are just mentioned below the subheadings. The font is in Capital letters, grabbing the attention of the reader. The font color is black which is again catches the attention.

The background color of the page is white which clearly allows the pictures and information to pop out so that a reader finds it easy to focus. Other details like information on what pet owner should do if they have two pets or little caricatures of bones, dog sounds and frames around dog picture manages to create an interesting framework overall. There could be some improvements like putting images of the door of the house, a dog sleeping in the house or just making the fonts more colorful. This Infographic is quite simple yet meaningful. A reader just smiles after seeing this infographic.

informational graphics about pet doors

Source: enduraflap.com

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