Benefits of Having a Houseplant

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This is a very sweet infographic explaining the benefits of houseplants for human health and its importance in today’s date where the people are forgetting gardening and planting trees in their garden. The overall structure is very nice with 6 pages in total. The first page contains the heading of the information which clearly indicates the information which the reader will get to read in upcoming pages or paragraphs. The color of the heading is white and the size and styling of the letters are quite clean and standard. It neither has any bright colored letters nor does the heading have any styled fonts. It shows the maturity/seriousness behind the message.

But in the upcoming pages, the attractiveness and creativity do not get compromised by the seriousness of the topic. Throughout the pages, the use of well-selected colors in combination with informative paragraphs holds the interest of the reader. Each page explains the one benefit of houseplants like its effect on the mind, sleep or indoor pollution. The subtopics have nice compact paragraphs explaining the topic or benefits and then highlighting the key points in those paragraphs in boxes which are quite enough to attract the attention.

The use of not so usual colors gives it a classic look. The use of different shades of yellow, green, blue and pink in bordering the pages and boxes, while inserting the cute little pictures of different houseplants at the same time on each page provides the image with a very standard visual. The length is long, but it doesn’t interfere with the objective of the message. The subtopics could have been in rather bright colors to enhance the visual. Overall it is good infographics with a nice topic and its nice presentation of the imbibed message.

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