Carpenter Ants Around? Here’s How to Deal With Them

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Even though this Infographic has different background colors for nearly every topic it doesn’t compromise with the readability and visibility. In fact, it is interesting to read and understand. The reader cannot help but scroll down to read more and more. The details are presented beautifully as the structure is balanced and one topic leads to other making reader scroll down.

Almost everything about Carpenter ant has been illustrated like from why they are known as carpenter ant till how they can be managed. These all information is going to help the reader in the real sense. The information is true and genuine and written very compact so that it doesn’t lose the interest of the reader. The objective is clearly fulfilled at the end. In the end, the reader will surely be having more information and knowledge about the carpenter ants.

Now coming to the font size, pictures inclusion and style, it can be said that all are balanced and in symmetry with each other. The font size is clearly visible. The reader would not find it difficult to read it clearly, even old age people can also read easily. The inclusion of real picture is limited to the single Ant picture and all other pictures are either cartoon or caricature. The pictures are not large in number and put in specific/required place which again saves the place for including other important details.

Some interesting facts are included in between the topics. The combination of white, yellow, light blue and navy blue gives it an overall very interesting image. It sums up all the important things like good font size, use of colors and genuine facts. This Infographic clearly fulfills its objective and can be termed as an ideal.

infographic about carpenter ants


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