Daily Fat and Proteing Recommendations for Your Pets

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This infographic is a guide to pet lovers on daily intakes of protein and fat for their pets. The title is splashed large enough for easy reading and is aligned to the left creating room on the right for the big image of a cat and a dog matching the topic just right. The three images right on top of the title cannot be ignored. These are images of a dog, cat and a fish which are the most commonly kept pets today. However, the fish image does not add up considering that the presentation only talks about cats and dogs; there is no section for fish daily intakes. A fish pet owner would definitely expect some info but would be disappointed on finding that the fish is not represented where it matters most.

The greyish purple hues selected for the presentation are very beautiful and they add some coolness and style to the display. The colors make the eyes want to read through the details easily. There are also dot splashes on different areas of the presentation which can easily pass for food particles or pet supplements, hence they work for the overall look of the display.

The presentation is made up of four sections with the first being a quick look into the intakes of fats and protein for puppies and kittens, adult cats and dogs as well as pregnant or nursing cats and dogs. It is made precise, but the following sections break down the intakes in caloric values and are more detailed. The calculations can, however, seem a little complex for readers who do not have the time or interest to break them down. For some readers, the first section of the infographic which is brief would be more relevant than the rest.

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Source: zoo-bio.co.uk

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