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The graphic is soothing to the eyes, properly framed, attractive, comprehensive, impressive and informative all at the same time. Here are the points which make it a good info graphic:

The Effect on Eyes:

The colors of the graphics are so chosen that they are not at all putting any stress upon the eyes. The whole view is homely and the reader’s eyes get a treat looking at it.

The Design:

It is the design part which covers all the aspects of the graphic. The background, the layout and the style of writing make it appealing. The background is simple with simple pictures. The layout has the heading at the top, picture in the middle and the points below. The style f writing is free and the fonts used to make it informal.


The information has been provided in such a way that the reader does not even get to know whether so much information has already seeped into his memory. The graphic works quite intelligently on the readers and fulfils the purpose for which it is drafted in the first place.


The font usage has been done properly. Though, the heading could use a bit less. It is very big. And the left out space could have been used for other features. The use of the font is satisfactory.

Overall Analysis:

The very idea of making the graphic gets fulfilled as it is attractive enough to attract an audience. The content is relevant and is arranged in the way in which the mind of a human being will retain it. The colors of the graphic add to the uniqueness and make it soothing for the eyes. The whole graphic is designed by keeping the ultimate customers in mind and this makes it a viable graphic.

infographic about curb appeal


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