Hidden Household Hazards: Pollutants and Contaminants Harming your Family and Pets

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The infographic aims at presenting the most important hidden hazards in our households. More specifically, it contains a list of the most dangerous pollutants and contaminants that could be harming our family and pets.


The structure of the artwork is very straight-forward. At the top, one sees an eye-catching heading and a helpful subheading, which introduce the subject. And right underneath starts the list of the harmful pollutants and contaminants.

Moving on, the reader can find information about four hidden household hazards; asbestos, lead, radon and “black” mold. Each one of these four harmful pollutants and contaminants is presented with an underlined heading and a relevant picture.

Under the heading, one can read more about the specific harmful pollutant or contaminant in a short description. Moreover, they can find some interesting statistics, as well as information on where this pollutant or contaminant is found and what kind of harmful effects it has.


The design of the artwork is modern and appealing to the reader. All images, graphs, pictograms and various elements give it a fresh touch.

At the same time, blue, white and green – as the main colors of the artwork – are perfectly combined in a way that encourages the reader to have a closer look.


The selected fonts are easy to read. At the same time, the length of the texts is kept to a minimum level, and this makes the artwork reader-friendly.

Furthermore, the color palette, the several embellishing elements that are used throughout and the blank spaces in-between boost the artwork’s readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic’s structure and design are appealing to the reader. Moreover, it allows for the reader to quickly and easily access all the information that is presented.

infographic about the hidden household hazards

Source: https://aegisenvironmentalinc.com/hidden-household-hazards/

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