Let’s Talk About Attic Insulation

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The infographic explains about the importance of attic insulation and the various facts that you have to know about attic insulation and how good your current insulation is and how you could recognize different issues relating to attic insulation.

The document is laid out in a yellow background over which is spread over a white space. The colors look quite welcoming, although there is some sort of irregularity among the colors as we proceed further down the page and come across some colors that don’t really blend in with the yellow shades.

The designs are simple and kept to a minimum. Although this subtle approach to design has also done its part in giving more focus to the content in the document than the design alone. The design alone isn’t anything low on its part either.

The two dimensional artwork and illustrations used throughout the document are really effective in conveying to the reader a sense of understanding about the document and its purpose and helps to get the point quickly across to the reader.

The content of the text in all parts of the page is really relevant and well needed. It does cover a good collection of information the reader might not want to miss. It keeps the explanations to a limit and doesn’t overdo it a bit, neither is it under done.

The layout of the document yet appears non-uniform at some places. It could have been arranged better avoiding some of the crowded spaces towards the bottom of the page. Although this doesn’t affect the overall appeal of the document to such a large extent.

Overall, this is a great page that explains precisely about the facts that you have to keep in mind about attic insulation. It has been done concisely and neatly and makes it look simpler with its subtledesigns.

infographic about insulation

Source: atticinsulationtoronto.ca

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