Some Facts About Quartz Worktops

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This given website redirects us to a webpage that tries to explain the importance and use of quartz. Just as the title of the article states- Quartz Worktops: Everything you need to know, the article talks about all aspects of quartz and the worktops that are built using it. As soon as the webpage is opened, the audience is treated with a beautiful logo of the company and an extremely graceful quartz worktop. These two pictures are enough to catch the attention of the reader and compels them to read further.

The webpage has been designed using very soft colors such as baby pink, white, gold, and so on. The text is dark gray in color, but it blends in beautifully with the color combination used throughout the page. After about a hundred words, a number of pictures have been used to emphasize the points that have already been mentioned in the text above. This effectively holds the attention of the customers. Pictures have been used on the webpage wherever there is a description that needs the support of a picture. However, this balanced webpage has a number of shortcomings that could have been easily overcome.

The size of the text used is very small and in contrast with the white background, some eyes could be easily strained. The pictures used could have used a darker color. There are certain pictures that are differentiated from the background only due to the black border used around it. A much brighter color could have been used to portray the information.

The overall look of the website is very beautiful and the different web pages that can be accessed from the same page have been listed out very clearly and put on the top of the website.

quartz worktops


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