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When you read the title of this infographic, the image before it becomes all so clear! The image has a city with a flag and has buzzing lines all over it maybe to indicate the moving. Also notable about this title is that its ‘moving to Austin’ part is done boldly compared to the words preceding it. It gives focus on the moving to Austin so it is definitely a display many searches will land on.

It seems blue is the dominant color in this presentation and its different hues are used as relevant to distinguish one point from the other. Other colors used in it are purple, green and yellow and a bit of red. Even though not even one single section carries one color, it is still clear to say that blue is the dominant one. The others dot the display in an attractive manner, making it appealing to readers in all the right ways.

The images are quite big compared to the texts and the eyes dance all over them before attention is drawn into what the texts are talking about.  The images are also quite a number, but their careful arranging makes them fit just right without overwhelming the display. The texts are sized to be just good for reading but the color could have been a bit darker for a comfortable read. They are also quite minimal, especially for the space this infographic takes.

The display ends just as creatively as it began with a zoomed city image and that interesting buzzing line. There is also a call to action at the end so it probably does deliver the message clearly enough for readers to go ahead with their plans of moving to this city. It may not have anything too unique, but it does work effectively.

infografic about moving to austing


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