This is What Micro Homes Are

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The infographic we have here explains a good deal about the Tiny Home Movement. It goes to some length in establishing how it started off and how it progressed through the advantages as well as disadvantages you could associate with Small Homes.

The design is pretty slick. It has got these pale colors that look really smooth and easy and signifies this feeling of ease throughout the page. The backgrounds, the title banners all follow this color scheme which makes it all the more interesting. Even the illustrations and fonts do have this touch of the color palette. This makes the infographic really relatable and it feels like one singular piece of work on the whole. The layout is simple and follows a page-oriented flow downwards. Each page is marked by its own background color and headings.

The font could have been marked with some bigger sizes as it looks small compared to the illustrations and the design work all around. The illustrations used and the flat icons all around the page are simple and also easy to understand. Not only is it neat, but also conveys the message effectively. It also works well to guide the user around the page using the essential symbols that signify the important things.

The content looks pretty relevant and keeps to the point. It keeps to the topic of Homes and how moving to smaller homes has come about in the near future and various other facts and figures that pertain to the matter.

There are also small tips and quotes placed around the page that gives the document a more punch line and a solid stand on its own ground.

Overall, this is quite a good piece of work that involved slick and neat amounts of design together with apt content.

tiny homes infographic


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