This is Why You Need to Call a Tree Service

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This is a very simple and light colored Infographic which, when seen for the first time, seems like a boring detail of any topic. The information intended to tell is clear and it could be said that it will be informative for the reader. However, the reader can skip through the detail due to the small letters throughout the design which reduces its readability.

The background color is in sky blue, light green with white patches of cloud here and there. The picture of a cute tree and some small birds give it an innocent look. It somehow also projects the fact that trees are necessary for human and animal life and that should be protected.

The title is written in two colors highlighting the main topic. The first sentence of the title itself clearly fulfills the objective of informing the reader to read further if they, only, want to know about when to call a tree service. However, the 5 signs written crisply and clearly definitely informs the reader at a single glance on design.

This Infographic is definitely an informative detail, but it could have been made a little more interesting by adding bright colors like red, yellow and orange. The only downside will be its non-catchy title color and background colors. The color of the 5 signs needs to be definitely in some bright color as a reader have to search for a while for signs written in blue color. The size of the letters in heading as well as further details could have been upgraded to one or two higher numbers just to improve the readability. Overall, it is a nice design that is quite informative but could have been excellent if it would have improved its readability and color factors.

tree service infographic


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