What are the Most Common Pests in Toronto?

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This infographic is a clean and compact and rounds up six of the common pests found in and around Toronto.

The header is captivating and uses a great color scheme that emphasizes the topic really well. The blue heading that washes over a couple of insects behind the header can be observed throughout the page. This does create some sort of a pattern that looks good overall.

The overall layout of the infographic flows downwards with white cards that explain each of the six insects laid out on the same blue background.

The design is interesting and looks projected owing to the shading done outside the cards that emphasize the cards and give it a 3d projected feel.

The illustrations on each insect placed on the top and sides of each card are pretty interesting and provide a quick insight into the contents of the card.

Each card contains a short description of the insect followed by a box header that says How to keep that insect away and then some tips below on how to keep them away. This could have been illustrated and designed better. As of now the center alignment actually looks pretty distracting with the bullets starting at different points.

Although all this is quite clean and well. It feels like the content in the cards are barely enough. The prevention methods and descriptions of each insect are too commonplace, and this could leave the reader feeling like it was a waste of time to have read all of it.

Overall this is a pretty slick piece of work that has a great strong layout and keeps its stuff really clean and organized. Each card on each insect which is numbered and illustrated with a depiction of the insect does do a great job but the content spoiled it.

common pests in toronto

Source: pestcontroltoronto.com

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