Wiring a 200 W Camper Van Solar System

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The first impression you get when you look at this infographic is that it is going to be about batteries and specifically 200 watt ones. You can tell that it is a quick read from the word go because only very few texts are used within it and it only has a few sections. Considering that it is termed as the ‘complete wiring guide’, it appears rather short and undetailed.

The images

They are the most pronounced in this presentation. This could be intentional considering it is a guide touching on wiring a solar system, hence more work goes into the system parts and less on describing what they are and what they do. You can clearly see the connecting wires running from one section to the next probably to offer an easy fun way of doing the wiring. The wires are also well marked so readers know exactly what gauge size should be used where; the same goes for the fuses represented in the presentation.

The colors

Green is the color selected for this display probably because it is all about green energy, solar. Softer hues of the color have been used to distinguish the different sections and the texts are done in black, white and green and an occasional red striking a good balance throughout. In general the colors used make reading easy and comfortable too.

The texts

They are well done so you can tell the titles from the details supporting them. The sizes are very comfortable to read even in areas where small letters are used.

The infographic does work in passing the message across to those interested in wiring the 200 watt campervan system. It is brief and to the point for readers who are familiar with all the parts and are just interested in wiring up the system to their campervans.

camper van infograpic

Source: parkedinparadise.com

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