What are Infographics Used For?

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Infographics are the latest way to create visually appealing contents. They have various applications in different fields. Starting from official purposes to comic subjects, they find use in many magazines as well as online sites.

Some of the instances where it can be used are described below:

  • Making Things Easier to Understand: One of the main aims is to make complicated things simpler for the purpose of making people understand the topics. If things are written in the form of paragraphs, they seem to be more complex and difficult to understand. Instead, if they are represented in bullet points along with pictures, it becomes easier to comprehend.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Graphic charts are also used to make the mass aware of different issues about which they should be concerned. For example, the harmful effects of smoking or the consequences of air pollution may be arranged as points in the form of these graphics.
  • Creating Resume: In today’s competitive job market there are hundreds of people applying for a single job…people look for ways to make their CV and resume distinguishable from the others. And an infographic makes this easier! It is the best way to showcase your skills and highlight your abilities before your recruiters.
  • Advertisement: Another field where these are used is advertisement. They are used to promote products or services and they are more efficient than mere texts in this respect. Texts and pictures together form an excellent way to grab the attention of the target audience. They are thus a visually appealing way of advertisement.
  • Presenting the Data Obtained from an Experiment or Survey: Statistical data can be effectively represented in the form of an info grafic to make it interesting. This is much better than presenting it in the form of charts or tables which often looks dull and boring.
  • Increasing Traffic through a Website: They are a great way to increase traffic across a website. They help in attracting a large number of viewers and potential customers to the website and help in increasing the conversion rate to convert them into customers. Once these customers start availing your services or buying your products, your business expands. Instead of writing long articles with the website URL and other relevant information such as contact details at the end, presenting the facts related to a website in the form of a pictorial informative will be a better idea. Researches have revealed that this can increase traffic in a website by as much as 12%.
  • To Make a Content Go Viral in the Web: A lot of people share infograhics, thereby making them viral in the web. If you want some info to reach a greater number of people within a limited time, there cannot be a better way than this. If you use articles and blogs for the purpose, people would not really like to share them. However, those works are highly sharable just like images and videos. So, if you want your idea to be conveyed to your target audience, you can simply put it in this form in a social networking site and allow people to share it. When a large number of people share these catchy contents across the different social networking sites, they go viral in the web.
  • For Search Engine Optimization: Yes, they can also be used for Search Engine Optimization. To increase the ranking of your website in a search engine like google, you can incorporate SEO-friendly content into them. You can use the target keywords which can be obtained through Google Analytics and also add a meta-description.
  • Increasing Followers or Subscribers: Catchy cool data visualizations help in increasing number of followers in facebook. It also helps you to get more subscribers for your page.
  • Offline Content: Apart from digital content, these can also be used for publishing in magazines, newspapers, pamphlets etc. It finds usage in the print media and brochures and helps in increasing publicity and generating leads in a website.
  • Embedding Codes: A code can be embedded in an infographic using which you get informed every time a user clicks, views or shares it. Also, how long a user viewed the same can be determined. This helps you to understand how your target customers feel about your stuff and whether you are successful in your campaign.
  • To Provide Relevant Information in a Particular Niche: Apart from making things popular among people and attracting customers, inforgraphs can also be used to impart knowledge and furnish readers with facts and figures. It is a great way to share your knowledge in a particular field and help people know about it.

Thus, due to its multifarious usage, it is an effective tool in today’s digital world.


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