Here are the Florida Real Estate License Requirements

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In this infographic, the reader can find information regarding the procedure one needs to follow in order to receive a real estate salesperson license in Florida, as required by the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC).

As illustrated in the graph on the left side of the artwork, there are five steps one has to follow in order to be able to receive a Florida real estate salesperson license. This is clearly pointed out with the help of the specific graph, which includes five colored arrows that point to five corresponding images inside five same-colored round frames carefully placed in a clockwise direction.

Next to this graph, one can find a numbered list with the required steps. Each step is introduced with a colored title in bold, easy-to-read fonts. The colors that are used are the same as in the arrows and frames images included in the graph. This adds consistency to the design and allow for the reader to easily go through the information presented.

The titles in the numbered list suggest that the first thing someone needs to do to get a real estate salesperson license in Florida is complete 63 hours of pre-license education. The second step involves passing the course exam, while the third requires submitting their fingerprints. The fourth step involves completing the required application, while the last step is to pass the real estate salesperson exam. Under each one of the titles, there is a short text that describes each step of the procedure in more detail.

In conclusion, the straight-forward layout and simple design allow for the reader to easily and quickly understand the topic under discussion. The infographic is to the point and it definitely succeeds in clearly presenting the required information.

infographic about the Florida real estate license requirements


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