How To Properly Launch A Startup

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The infographic is addressed to startup owners. More specifically, it presents the best practices for properly launching a startup.

It claims that the steps to a successful launch are four:

  • preparing for any possible drawbacks
  • finding the right team
  • securing appropriate funding, and
  • having a business plan.


The design is simple and modern and has a minimalist touch. One can see that only three colors are used throughout. There is a white background, some texts written in black letters, and a pink image with pink surrounding elements that stand out.


As far as the structure is concerned, the reader can find an eye-catching image of a pink rocket right in the middle. The rocket image symbolizes the startup being ready for launch.

The four best practices on properly launching a startup are presented around this image. A pink dashed line connects the rocket image with each one of the four best practices.

These four best practices are introduced with a heading written in bold letters. Right under each heading, one can see a short explanatory paragraph.


The fonts that are used in the whole artwork are easy-to-read. At the same time, one can see that there is plenty of blank space between the several texts and other elements.

Moreover, all texts are carefully placed on a contrasting background. And the clever structure makes the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.

All the above, boost the infographic’s readability and make it appealing.


The infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a way that encourages the reader to have a closer look, without having to spend too much time on it.

infographic on how to properly launch a startup


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