Photography in Times of Coronavirus

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A lot of jobs have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic – photographers too. This infographic aims at showcasing the strength of photography and the ways photographers can overpower the pandemic with the power of their lens.

A big “Lens vs Virus” title at the top, combined with an image of a photographer and an image of the virus, help the reader quickly and easily understand the subject that is presented. The photographer’s posture in this image implies that photographers are more powerful than the COVID-19 virus.

Under the title, one can find the first section, which starts with an eye-catching subheading that introduces the idea that photography is strong even during the pandemic. This idea is further supported with the help of an image of a strong man with a camera around his neck and his arms crossed. Around this image, the reader can find three short empowering messages; that good things are still possible, that photography works even indoors and that photographers should follow the “evolve, engage, empower” mantra.

The second section is about how to overpower the pandemic with the power of the lens. It starts with an eye-catching subheading and presents six steps a photographer needs to follow. These are presented in the form of a list. Each one of them is introduced with a short title, an embellishing image and an explanatory paragraph.

The artwork’s design is modern and the layout is straight-forward. This allows for the reader to easily understand the topic under discussion and navigate through the information that is presented in just a few seconds. Therefore, the infographic succeeds in communicating the required message in a simple yet effective way.

infographic about photography in times of coronavirus


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