Start-up Accelerators vs Start-up Studios

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This infographic aims at presenting the main characteristics between start-up accelerators and start-up studios. More specifically, it contains a comparison between the two different start-up models and some relevant start-up examples.


At the top, the reader can find a big title written in bold letters, which helps them quickly understand the subject.

Under the title, there are two columns that list the main characteristics of the two start-up models placed next to each other; start-up accelerators and start-up studios.

On the column, the reader can find information on start-up accelerators, whereas, on the right column, they can find information regarding start-up studios.

At the top of each column, there is a heading written in bold capital letters. Under this heading, one can find a short phrase that describes the certain start-up model in more details.

Below the headings, the reader can find a bullet-point list with the most important characteristics of each start-up model.

Right underneath, one can see a big image of a balance scale, which helps cleverly emphasizes the comparison that is presented in the graphic.

There, one can also find the logos of some well-known start-up accelerators and start-up studios.


The part of the infographic that contains the two columns with the models’ key characteristics has little blank space between the presented bullet-points. This could possible discourage someone from having a closer look.

However, the fonts that are used throughout are easy-to -read and all texts are carefully placed on a contrasting background.

At the same time, just a glimpse of the image of the balance scale and the whole structure of the graphic helps the reader quickly understand that it is about a comparison between start-up accelerators and start-up studios.

infographic about the differences between start-up accelerators and start-up studios


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