The Useful Features of Time-Tracking Software

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This infographic presents information on the useful features employee a time-tracking software has.


The information is split in five different sections. In the first section, one can see a title which introduces the subject about to be presented. On the right side, one can also see an image of an office worker in front of a big clock.

In the second one, there is a useful fact about the average office worker’s productivity, which is introduced with an eye-catching “did you know” question.

Moving on, the third section aims at suggesting that time-tracking software is an effective way to track employees’ working hours and ensure that they remain productive.

In the fourth section, the reader can see the ways in which employee time-tracking software can help. Each one of them is introduced with the help of a short phrase and a relevant image inside a round frame.

Finally, the fifth section includes the eight features a time-tracking software should have. These features are presented with an image, a heading and a bullet-point list that contains some more details.


The artwork is simple and has a modern look-and-feel. One can easily notice the consistency in the colors, the frames and various elements that are used throughout. And this consistency makes the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader.


The artwork’s readability is great. It contains some easy-to-read fonts, with all the texts carefully placed on a contrasting background.

Furthermore, it includes some eye-catching headings, frames, images and other elements that together with the blank spaces in-between further boost its readability.

Final Thoughts

The infographic succeeds in presenting the required information in a simple, yet efficient way.

Its layout, design and readability encourage the reader to have a closer look, and allow for them to quickly go through all information.

infographic about the useful features of time-tracking software


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