This is How You Should Write an Essay

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This is a fine piece of infographic that takes to a simple color scheme and keeps it sober at that.

The document is all about Language and writing and how it can help you get placed. It also points out a few differences between American and Canadian English.

Although the design looks simple and minimalistic, it has a good deal of impact on the document in a major sort of way. The simple and powerful design used throughout the document has created a soothing and comforting ambience across the page that it is really convenient and seemingly easy to read.

The layout of the different sections of the page is quite fine. There is no trouble as to navigating through the document and searching content.

The content of the document is well ordered and informative and does not impose long paragraphs and trouble the reader with it. It keeps to its limits and that looks quite pleasing.

The color scheme used is apt and helps to set the environment of the document. It gives it a salient dull background and clear and bold elements towards the front This helps it to drive attention towards the text and the various elements used in the document. A small suggestion would be changing the orange subheadings in the text to a more relative color as the orange looks out of place in the orange devoid poster.

Overall, this is a very clean piece of work with a good and simple sense of design and layout topped up with apt content about the topic layered and laid out in a very clean fashion that makes it easy for the reader to navigate across the page without any fuss. This is quite a please piece of work that any reader would enjoy reading and wouldn’t complain about.

essay writing guide infographic


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