Tips on Writing a Nursing Essay

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This is a document that explains various facts and figures and provides a small basic layout about the work you might have to do and the activities you may be put up against and how that differs with nursing in the UK.

The header is badly colored bold header that drives some sort attention towards it somehow, despite its total lack of relation to the subject. The colors look strange, although past the header, it is bearable.

The design is apt and works great through the document, but the fact that the elements have been poorly laid out totally takes the credit away. Now it looks really cramped up and congested in a page full of competing attributes that are trying to look important.

The subheadings used in the page are distracting as they are placed on alternating sides through the page. This can be attributed to a scrawny design strategy as is provides for a sense of disorientation among the readers. This also hinders quick navigation across the page a concern as the reader would now have to scan both sides of the page for the section the reader is looking for.

The content also seems to be selected from a total wide range of information but fails to clearly provide a good sense of understanding about the topic. The colors are varied and combines strange combinations to create some sort of a scheme that doesn’t really create a strong appeal.

Overall this is below average piece of work that uses bad design principles combined with bad color schemes in a congested and cramped up environment using headers on varied sides of the page. This brings about a complete sense of disorientation across the page and drives reader interest away from the page. The content is slightly relevant in some manner.

practice nursing infographic


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