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This infographic is all about studying abroad and tips and facts about studying abroad. The document on the whole sticks to an off-white background with bold and block panels for important headers. This gives prominence and importance to titles and headers.

The layout of the document is pretty simple. It sticks to the bold and block Maroon panels containing the block titles. Each of these defines a section under which is the various content.

About content, All the stuff inside these various sections are deeply enhancing and help convey detail to the user in a very effective way using different forms of illustrations. This is very helpful as readers could easily get to what they need in terms of information and understanding.

Although this one is a badass for colors, we could agree that it makes its point in a fairly square and straightforward fashion.

In the document are illustrations about why it is great to follow a study abroad, further followed by a Pie Chart about various facts. Further on in this document are more tips and tricks of writing a statement of purpose and then an offer to get the statement of purpose done by the institution. However a lot of the relevance of the content in the document seems to be invalid. As the document itself seemingly and apparently aims to misguide students from a straight path to education.

Aside from the lack of colors and lack of relevant content in the document, this could be thought of as an effective way of luring students into a business that could have done better in some other field.
So this is quite a good infographic, which appears to be quite straightforward about the deal but deceptive about the content. The effective design and layout strategy keeps it totally formal.

Source: sopindia.com

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