A Few Tips to Grow Weed in Your Aerogarden

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This infographic is a very smooth and neat little work of simple design. It gives the reader great accessibility to navigate through the document and understand the content on their own pace. This is quite a work of meaningful design intended specifically for the content it was meant for.

The heading stands out quite well and all text and graphic elements do stand out in quite an abstract way as the colors used throughout this document are really soothing and light. Although it might feel like it could have been a tinge stronger as the page on the whole looks blanched, the reader would definitely find themselves at ease going through this document.

The content appears sparse as there is a lot of space all around and also because the graphics or two dimensional art take up grand big portions of space in the document. This does however create a feeling of lightness in the topic and provides the reader with weightlessness when going through this document.

The section headers use the lightest of the shades that can be seen in the document other than the white background and this could have been better. The section headers are meant to stand out not fade away into the background.

The size and spacing of the various elements, including the headers makes up quite perfectly for the blanched appeal that the color scheme has brought into this document. The layout also sticks to the simple flow from top to bottom with things aligned just the same all throughout. The overall appeal of this document is quite simple and could drive the attention of strange subsets of the general readers.

Overall, this isquite a work of design and simplicity that gives it such a niceappeal and ease of readability and understandability.

aerogarden infographic

Source: aeroweed.info

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