A Guide to Brewing Coffee with a Cafetiere

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In this infographic one can find a guide on how to brew coffee with a cafetiere. More specifically, it provides information about the needed equipment and the procedure one will have to follow to brew coffee using a cafetiere.

It starts with a big title in bold, easy-to-read fonts, which helps the reader quickly understand the topic under discussion. An underlined subheading right afterwards presents the part with the equipment that one will need, which follows. The equipment is visualized with some to-the-point, large images, which help one understand what is required without really having to read the captions underneath.

In the part that follows, another underlined subheading introduces the method of brewing coffee with a cafetiere. First, the reader can find details about the ingredients and time needed in bold, easy-to-read letters, and then the steps that need to be followed in the form of a numbered list. This clear format –which reminds one of a typical recipe – makes it easy for the reader to understand the procedure. However, the fact that only text is used in this part could mean that the reader would need more time to go through the information presented, and could discourage them from reading further. A combination of text and relevant images or pictograms could make this section more appealing to the eye of the reader.

Nevertheless, the white background, combined with the elegant fonts that are used throughout, gives a minimal and modern touch to the infographic and adds to its readability. The eye-catching images in the equipment section further improve the readers’ understanding of the instructions that are presented. The overall straight-forward layout makes it friendly to the eye of the reader, and succeeds in putting together a useful infographic that easily passes on the required information.

infographic about how to brew coffee with a cafetiere

Source: https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/pages/cafetiere-coffee-brew-guide

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