Are You Hiring A Car? Here Is What You Need To Look Out For!

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When hiring a car, there are certain things one should know, in order to avoid any possible extra charges. This infographic presents a list of the hidden fees in car rental contracts that you need to look out for.

At the top, one can find an eye-catching heading which introduces the topic under discussion. The heading is written in easy-to-read, capital letters.

Right underneath, there is a list of nine hidden fees that one should have in mind when hiring a car. These hidden fees are separated in nine different sections with alternating background colors. A subheading in the same, easy-to-read font, introduces each one of them.

According to the infographic the possible hidden fees in a car rental contract include excess insurance, additional card fees, young driver or senior driver fees, special cleaning charges, administration fees extra charges for returning the car at the wrong location, roadside assistance charges, toll fees and “collect full, return empty” policy charges.

Under the subheadings, one can find short texts with more details about each possible hidden fee in a car rental contract. Next to these texts, one can see a relevant picture, which adds to the artwork’s readability and makes it more attractive.  

The position of the texts and images changes in each different section. More specifically, the text in the first section is placed on the left side and the picture is placed on the right side. In the second section, the picture and text are placed the opposite way, and so on. This layout improves the infographic’s readability. If all descriptions were arranged one under the other, the total length of the text would have been discouraging for someone to read through.

In conclusion, the infographic is designed in an effective way and it allows for the reader to quickly and easily navigate through the information that is presented.

infographic about hidden fees when hiring a car


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