Brewing Coffee with an Aeropress Coffee Maker

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This infographic aims at presenting a guide on how to brew coffee with an aeropress coffee maker. More specifically, it provides details about the needed equipment, ingredients and time, as well as the step-by-step procedure one will have to follow in order to brew coffee using this method.

A big title in bold, easy-to-read fonts at the top of the creative clearly introduces the topic under discussion. The needed equipment is presented right below with the help of an underlined subheading and six images. These images make the specific section appealing, and help the reader quickly understand what they are going to need, without necessarily having to read the captions placed underneath.

Another underlined subheading separates the second section from the previous one. Here, the first thing one sees is a reference to the ingredients and the time they will need to brew coffee with an aeropress coffee maker. Right below, one can find the seven steps they will have to follow. These steps are presented in the form of a numbered list. The fact that readers are familiar with the specific layout makes this section very easy to read through and comprehend. Furthermore, the blank spaces that are seen between the steps of the procedure add to the specific section’s readability.

In conclusion, the design has a modern touch, and, at the same time, the layout is straight-forward, maintaining consistency throughout. The use of a white background and contrasting black, elegant and easy-to-read letters throughout make the artwork friendly to the eye of the reader. Moreover, the images, as well as the headings and other elements that are carefully selected and placed help in further improving its readability. The result of all these is an engaging infographic, which succeeds in quickly and easily communicating the required information.

infographic about brewing coffee with an aeropress coffee maker


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