COVID-19 and Delivery Businesses – The Effectiveness of Route Optimization

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a great impact in the delivery business sector, given the fact that local lockdowns and social distancing required minimal contact with others.

The infographic aims at presenting how COVID-19 has affected delivery businesses and how effective route optimization has been. It does so by showing some useful statistics from more than 2.5 million successful deliveries made from January to November 2020.

The easy-to-read title and the image of a delivery track at the first section help the reader understand the topic under discussion with just a glance.

The four sections that follow are introduced with an eye-catching heading. Each one of them contains two or three graphs. Every graph is introduced with an explanatory title and a relevant pictogram.

First, the reader finds a comparison of the monthly average distances per route with the COVID-19 cases each month.

In the following section, one can see two graphs with the number of routes per company and the number of orders per route, compared to the monthly COVID-19 spread.

Next, the reader can find a comparison between the percentages of delivered and not-delivered goods each month. The eye-catching pictograms above these graphs help one quickly understand what the graphs show.

The last section presents the percentage of customers who rated the quality of delivery compared to the monthly COVID-19 spread.

The use of graphs, easy-to-read fonts, contrasting colors and embellishing images add to the infographic’s readability and make it friendly to the eye of the reader.

Its simple design and straight-forward layout help one easily go through the information that is presented in just a few moments.

infographic about the impact covid has had on delivery businesses


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