Crafting For Mental Health

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This infographic aims at presenting the importance of art-making. More specifically, it claims that art-making is crucial for mental health, it boosts our mood and it has been very helpful for many people during lockdown.


At the top the reader can find the title that presents the topic under discussion, written in big capital letters. Under the title, one can see a short paragraph that includes more details about the topic that is presented.

Below the part with the title, one can see that the information is separated into four different parts. Each part is visually separated for the others with the help of a horizontal line.

All parts start with a heading in bold capital letters. Under the headings, the reader can find a short paragraph with more details. Every part also contains an embellishing picture.


The artwork’s design is rather simple yet appealing to the reader.

The color palette that is used throughout contains just four colors – white, black, grey and light blue – and they are perfectly combined.

All the elements that are used throughout the artwork are minimal. And this adds a fresh, modern touch to it.


The structure remains the same from the top to the bottom. This adds to the artwork’s consistency and makes it easier for the reader to go through all information.

The fonts that are used are easy to read. At the same time, the eye-catching headings and subheadings and the alternating color backgrounds boost the infographic’s readability.

Its readability is further improved by the use of the various embellishing pictures and all the blank spaces that are carefully left in-between.

Final Thoughts

The infographic manages to present the required information in a way that is appealing to the reader.


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