Different Elements of a Running Shoe

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This image is colorful, full of details and to the point. The colorful bars do not look overdone, but actually attracts the reader’s attention as with so many colors in front of eyes a person will even for a second stop by on this image and read the heading. The heading is short and to the point explaining to readers why they should move ahead and continue reading. This infographic deals with describing running shoes anatomy and explaining related jargons with colorful pictures. The interesting point is that this image is full of colors, like the colors in the background and colorful different shoes at the front. The sporty things usually have neutral of the dark tone of colors, but here the experiments with colors do not compromise with the final aim.

The image is in a rectangular shape which again goes with the objective of presenting detail one after another without leaving any space on the side of pictures. The image is divided into different layers with each layer explaining different anatomy related to running shoes. The colorful pictures of shoes are presented in different angles with different styles and different position so that a reader would find easy to understand every explained thing. One major problem with this infographic is the font style chosen for describing the features. It would have more visually appealed if the font style could have been different with more readability. Otherwise, everything is in its place. The company promoting its name put its name here and there to not exclusively declare that it is promoting but who can be smarter than a reader, though it doesn’t come into mind anytime while reading the details. There is good work of colors and pictures and presenting it in a simple way.

Running shoes infographic

Source: runningshoesguru.com

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