Electric vs Gas Cars – Which One Saves More?

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This infographic presents a comparison between the gas and electric cars’ cost. It aims at explaining which car type saves more money overall.


The artwork’s structure is rather simple. It starts with an eye-catching heading and a subheading that helps one understand the topic.

Right underneath, the reader can find a two-column table. The left column includes information about various average costs for electric cars. The right column includes the corresponding average costs of gas cars.

These average costs are related to the purchase price, tax credits, insurance, fuel, maintenance and longevity. The reader can see which car type has the higher and which one has the lower cost in each of the six different categories.

At the bottom of the table, the reader can find a sum of the specific average costs. Right beneath, the conclusion from this cost comparison is presented.

It suggests that electric cars save more yearly, whereas gas cars save more in a period of 6 years.


The design is smart and modern. It allows for the reader to easily understand that the infographic’s topic is related to cars. It contains several relevant pictures and other embellishing elements.

For example, the border line between the table’s two columns is a picture of a road with two cars about to start a race. One can also see some green and red lights next to the car type with the lower and higher cost accordingly.


The fonts that are used throughout are easy-to-read. At the same time, the fact that the cost comparison is presented in the form of a table makes it easy for the reader to access all information in just a few seconds.


The simple structure, modern design and high readability make the infographic appealing.

infographic with car cost comparison

Source: https://walletgenius.com/money/save-money/electric-car-vs-gas-costs-which-truly-saves-you-the-most-money/

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