How Game Based Learning Supports Your Child’s Learning & Growth

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The specific infographic introduces the method of game based learning and provides information on how this method can support children’s learning and growth. It aims at presenting the benefits of game based learning, as well as the expected growth of adopting game based learning in education in the next years.

It starts with an eye-catching title, which suggests that game based learning makes children smarter, and a well-targeted image, which further points out the significance of game based learning. Right afterwards, the reader can find out what exactly game based learning is about, and learn the ways in which it helps children’s development, with the help of short texts and colorful relevant images.

In the next section, a dark grey frame, a big subheading in bold, white letters, two colorful images and two short paragraphs help the reader quickly understand that game based learning is different from gamification. Right afterwards, the reader can find information about the key benefits of game based learning according to studies. This section is introduced with an eye-catching title placed in a vivid color frame. The benefits of game based learning are presented with the help of some interesting statistics in short, to-the-point paragraphs, and colorful images that strike the reader’s eye and add to this section’s readability.

The last section includes some more interesting data on game based learning, that point out the fact that this system is the present and future of learning, with the use of colorful figures and graphs and, once again, as little text as possible.

In conclusion, the reader-friendly layout and playful design make it attractive and encourage the readers to keep reading. The use of colorful pictures, graphs and other elements, together with the fact that the text is kept to a minimal level, make for an engaging infographic that succeeds in quickly and easily providing the required information.

infographic about game based learning and its benefits


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