MBA Programmes: This is What you Should Expect

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The infographic has a direct, focused approach when it comes to attracting the readers. The topic discusses the MBA program in IIT Delhi and hence, it will attract the attention of potential students who are interested in pursuing the particular degree. The headline itself projects the topic very early on and it doesn’t lead the reader guessing about the matter. The white letters above the gray background are quite highlighted and the 2 yellow words attract the attention of the reader instantly. The gray background is maintained throughout the information which also signifies the seriousness of the topic and builds-in the depth curiosity.

The comparison of tuition fees across the world institution by representing it through the world map and images brings in the interest. It also makes the reader understand the concept so easily. Liberal use of colorful arrows, small images, and linear graph make the reader continue reading the entire information and also it gives the topic an interesting edge. The use of yellow color for highlighting the major topics and concepts instantly grabs the attention and presenting the facts with a tint of knowledge makes it further interesting.

In the end, the most important factor i.e. placements data and opportunities lying in the field is presented so well and it comprises around 50% of the information which highlights the fact that the company actually know the focus point and readers mindset. The placement data has been presented by segregating every major department of the degree. Overall, this infographic stands well on the expectation of the reader and throws important detail quite effectively. The inclusion of companies detail and name at the very end gives it a promoting angle which somehow makes the reader think to approach the company for help and guidance.

mba iit delhi infographic


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