Plagiarism: How Much is Too Much Similarity?

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This infographic is dark in nature as the whole ambience of the content is laid out over a dull, dark blue background. The information contained throughout this piece of work explains about a product and its features but the exact idea about the work remains in the dark.

The layout of the graphic is quite stingy with its little borders and tight alignment of various elements at different points throughout the whole of the page.

The colors used cover a good range of the color spectrum and lack a sense of uniformity when compared with across the whole of the page.

The content also pertains to various aspects of the product but does not whatsoever explain anything about what the product actually is. For a reader who is not quite acquainted with such a topic, it could be hard call to catch the reader’s attention down to the right spots when the reader does not have a clue about what is being discussed here in the first place.

The section headers aren’t really emphasized all that well and this could lead to some issues in navigating across the page. Readers would feel less comfortable scrolling down the page without knowing when the section has changed or not knowing what the section actually covers.

The design used throughout this piece of work do not follow a uniform pattern either. There are different kinds of illustrations that actually try to explain something but could have been done in a better kind of way when compared to the rest of the document where the graphics actually look quite appealing. All it needs the graphics to be applied in the right way at the right place to make it look all the more relevant.

Overall this is an okay piece of work with a bad choice of visual appeal and an abstract and uncomfortable content description.

Content similarity infographic


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